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April 21, 2017

... sissies can never have too much inspirational stuff!
After Bob got caught cheating with the maid,
his wife had a "man-maid" solution!

Story of the Month...

My Wife Believes In Petticoat Punishment
What's a husband to do?

Items of Interest ...

Why I Let My Son Wear a Dress
Waging Nonviolence!

China Tackles ‘Masculinity Crisis’ to Stop ‘Effeminate’ Boys
Hey, let them go! Maybe we'll have fewer wars!

Wow! A Boy in a Dress
How to tell boys from the girls in victorian photos.

"I don't want to be a girl. I AM a girl"
He knew he was a 'she' at a very young age

The New Rage: Granny Panties ... What's Old is New Again

Anna Faris Losing Skirt on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
This will win some of those thong lovers back "real' panties.

Women Are Showing Their Granny Panties
More and more women discover forgotten love of granny panties.

I Wore Granny Panties and this is What Happened
An experiment for two weeks wins her over.

Comedian Dances Around in the Panty World
She tries all the panty styles and loves ... best!

10 Reasons Granny Panties Are Back!
Oh, yes, they are great!

Welcome to Notey Granny Panties
We love 'em!