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One more boy bites the dust!
"OK, Tommy, here's your surprise? You're the flower girl in my wedding."

April 21, 2017

We're extending our Sale. Buy now!

We're rebuilding our entire web site to make it easier to navigate and place orders. Be patient as we go through this arduous process.

Our Web Sites

We have three web sites: Our site for crossdressing and panty fetishism. Our site for panty sales is OPEN NOW. (Not open at this time) Our site for publishing material we get from the Demale Society has been up and down over the years because we are dependent upon the material they send us. However, we do expect it to be up again in the future.

What Else?

Remember, we sell hard copies of our 400+ plus publications by mail-order. Click here to go to our mail-order form to buy them for delivery to your home mailing address. Mail-order items are a lot more expensive than ordering online access due to the high costs of production, color printing, and mailing.