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drawings of sissy boys being spanked, grily boys paddles, men crossdress and spanked
Big Boy Baby Sightings! #4
Babied & Sissified Boys

Big Boy Baby Sightings! #4: - Is a special edition about a unique summer camp for enuretic boys nine to fourteen years old. The boys admitted to the camp don't have a physical ailment preventing them from controlling their bladder. Either consciously or subconsciously, they get enjoyment out of wetting themselves, Therefore, this is not a camp to "cure" them of wetting themselves. Instead, they are taught to admit what they are and accept that they will probably wet their pants and wet the bed for the rest of their lives.

This is a "tough love" camp where the boys learn to cope with being harassed and teased because invariably they will find themselves in difficult situations throughout life simply because they can't control their wetting. The goal is to teach them how to be happy despite being different. They're taught that being a bedwetter is no reason to prevent them from being anything they want to be in life.

All of the boys must participate in the Feminine Sensitivity Training. These lessons encourage the boys to be gentler, more sensitive and more femininely oriented. They have crossdressing parties and only play games and sports that girls would play, no roughhousing, no fighting, and no competitive sports. The boys live in an understanding, loving and accepting environment. You'll be fascinated to read about how they are disciplined and how they react to being feminized.
If you like sissy diaper boys, you'll find this issue fascinating reading and it's loaded with wonderful photos of these sweet boys; the descriptions are rated from “G” to “X.”

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