Princess Productions presents:

Demale Society #56
Girls dominate boys

The Demale Society Training Manual #56 - further adventures in this great series focusing on the panty training and feminization of men and boys using everything from gentle seduction to extremely aggressive, mind-controlling tactics and physical punishments to get tame males to be of service to their superior females.

This issue illustrates cases of boys being demaled; some of them strongly resist, some are coerced into it n some are willing and the results vary from lifelong panty wankers to young boys on heavy hormone regimens to kill their boyishness and cause them to grow breasts and adopt feminine ways of thinking and acting to girlish sissy boys who become so infatuated with females that they want to become one themselves.

The last portion of this volume details is about a school in a tough inner-city neighborhood overrun by gangs. And the girl gang is one of the most feared. When they single out a boy as a wimp they humiliate them by making them wear bras and panties for underwear and have initiations in which they dress the boys in old-fashioned girls' party dresses and force-feed them a disgusting mixture to show their dominance, and the kids' parent s completely go along with it.
You'll be amazed to read these stories and see these astounding photos, rate
d from “G” to “X.”

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