Princess Productions presents:

Demale Society #57
Girls dominate boys

The Demale Society Training Manual #57 - ia a further exploration of this great series focusing on the panty training and feminization of men and boys using everything from gentle seduction to extremely aggressive, mind-controlling tactics and physical punishments to tame males to be of service to their superior females.

This issue the the compete story "Emasculating My New Husband" in which a woman with a daughter and son remarries after her divorce. she quickly takes control of her new husband and panty trains and feminizes him after she discovers he has a very small penis. Eventually, she manipulates him until he agrees to be castrated since she does like the bulge in his panties and wants to set an example of how to be properly subservient for her young son.

Mother and daughter take full control of the males in this family and it is an education as how they  get the husband and son properly trained. The story is intense and illustrated with great photos along with the detailed story.

You'll be amazed to read this story and see these astounding photos, rate
d from “G” to “X.”

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