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Princess Productions
"Demale" Publications

This collection features 55 issues of
"The Demale Society Training Manual"

The Demale Society, the very secretive female supremacy organization started in the 1940s, has a goal of feminizing he world by "demaling" males -- fathers, sons, husbands, relatives and neighbors to reduce violence and end wars! They are NOT leather-clad whip-swinging women; they are sweet feminine females who believe that crossdressers, gay boys, panty fetishists, wimps and sissies are the only good males.
Every issue is a full-color 20-page volume.

Here is a tiny sampling of the contents:

Trannie Technique #1: Nail Polish
Technique #2: Lipstick
Technique #3: Panties
Lesson: Training Boys with Spankings
Poster Boy of the Month Photos
Stories & Pics
Meeting & Event Notices
News from the Secretary
From the Desk of Dr. Lucy
Barry - An Example
What We Knew
Beginning Demaling
Mom Takes Charge
Panty Training
He Has Tits!
Panty Gay Boy
Teddy/Tanya Photos