Princess Productions presents:
drawings of sissy boys being spanked, grily boys paddles, men crossdress and spanked
Picture Album #38: Sissy Maids
It's about time that the guys do the chores!

In Picture Album #38: Sissy Maids, we present great full-page photos of guys in frilly maids' uniforms doing their domestic duties! You'll see them dusting and cleaning (even the toilet), and doing everything else for their superiors. Some of the boys love being sissy maids, and some don't!
   Some have to be persuaded with spankings and some are inadequate males that they are forced into a life of servitude. They are frequently teased and threatened with being forcibly given female hormones or even castrated. These hapless boys are subdued, humiliated and controlled by pretty dominant females who lead them into a life as a feminized servant. 
   This booklet is G to X-rated and contains twenty great pictures.

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