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Princess Productions
"Panties" Publications

This collection features 43 items including:
2 issues of "Bettie in Briefs"
1 issue of "Happiness Is.."
3 issues of "His & Hers Panties"
13 issues of "Inside Girls' Panties"
1 issue of "Lingerie Catalog for Boys"
11 issues of "Panty Lines"
6 issues of "Pantywaist Cuckold"
2 issues of "Panty Wasted"
2 issues of "Trained to Panties"
2 issues of "Vintage Lingerie"

Our primary fetish at Princess Productions is panties, especially classic, vintage, high-waisted, silky, frilly 1950's-style panties, and these publications feature a special focus on them with photos, drawings, stories, letters and articles. Here every issue is a full-color 20-page volume.

Here is a tiny sampling of the contents:

My Whole Family Calls Me Sissy
My Wife Says Doing What I Do Isn't Being Gay
Cum Eating Pansy
The Man Who Fucks My Girlfriend Buys Me Panties
Big, Scary Black Guys Own My Wife and Laugh at Me
The Making of a Sissy
Readers' Letters
Babydoll Boy
The Cumming Matriarchy
Feminized for Fighting
Caught Cumming
To Our Pantywaist Readers
Mother's Day
Other Sissy Boys
In the news . . .
Sissyboys in the Movies