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Princess Productions
"Petticoat Punishment" Publications

This collection features 54 items including:
3 issues of "Anthony's Kilts"
3 issues of "Big Boy Baby Sightings"
4 issues of "Candy Ass Classics"
8 issues of "Christian Home Illustrated"
3 issues of "Feminizers & Emasculators"
1 issue of "Lollipop Mothers"
13 issues of "Petticoat Discipline Therapy"
2 issues of "Panties, Pinnies & Petties"
6 issues of "Petticoat Punishment Quarterly"
4 issues of "Pantywaist Reader"
1 issue of "Raise to Be a Wimp"
6 issues of "Shameless Mothers"

Most of these stories focus on true accounts of petticoat punishment - the forced feminization of men and boys to bring them under female control. Stories span over the past 100 years and contain some famous incidents of this disciplinary technique. a lot of photos of actual petticoated boys.
Every issue is a full-color 20-page volume.

Here is a tiny sampling of the contents:

Learning Self-Control
Trick or Treat
Two Communities Free of Crime
Spanked by Women
Teaching Humility
Husband Training
Brother Training
More Eunuchs
Wayward Youth Disciplined
History of Petticoat Discipline

Pinafored for Discipline
Corrective Training for Boys
More Babying Letters Please
No More Teasing Now
Dishonest Husband Now a Baby Girl
Christmas in Petticoats
Blessed by the Gift of Petticoat Training