sissy boy art, petticoated, boy in panties, sissy pantyboy
Princess Productions presents:

Sissy Boy Art #16

Features in this issue are some of the best amazingly realistic computer-generated 3D art that people have sent to us. X-rated panty boys to delight your every panty fetish. Some of the boys love wearing their fancy panties and girly clothes while others have to be forced to dress up like prissy little girls.  Mothers and wives and sometimes daddies too make these boys behave like no boys should ever have to perform.

Petticoat punishment, spanking and forced feminization are beautifully illustrated themes. Some of these cute boys are straight, some are gay, and some are forced to into naughty gay sex. The pictures are so detailed and so well-rendered that the images pop right off the page and into your imagination and will stay lodged there for a long, long time! Enjoy.