Princess Productions presents:

Shame Clothing #1

People judge others by the clothing they wear, and if you want to humble someone, forcing them to wear clothing completely opposite of how they think of themselves and how they want the world to see them is an easy way. No wonder clothing is used for punishment! Our new series, "Shame Clothing" contains photos, drawings, stories and articles on petticoat punishment, panty training, sissified boys' clothing and baby and diaper treatment. Here's what's inside...

1950s Sissy Punishment
Mother, My Shorts Are Too Short!
Forced to Be a Baby Girl
Pinafored for Discipline
Do You Want Girls' Clothes or a Spanking?
Old-Time Petticoating
Shamed Along with My Sisters
Sissy Boy's Clothing
The Shame of Wearing Dresses
Plus more...